Choice Mentors

choice mentors


VALID has been funded by the NDIS to develop a framework for supporting decision making in the context of National Disability Insurance Scheme planning processes.

The program aims to support people with disability to build their capacity to make decisions about the support they receive from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), with the assistance of trained volunteers.

The program will train and match volunteers with NDIS participants who are socially isolated and would like decision support.  The program has a rigorous recruitments process to find suitable volunteers and will carefully match them according to the needs of participants.  Volunteers will assist participants who want to learn about the choices relevant to their life goals and how to make decisions about their NDIS support plan.

The program will provide for participants:

  • Regular support of a community member who has been trained in supported decision making
  • The opportunity to meet and be encouraged by a peer self-advocate
  • The opportunity to develop new interests, skills and experience making decisions
  • And the potential to develop confidence through having greater choice and control over their support plan

Participant eligibility:

The project has been designed for NDIS participants who meet the following criteria:

  • An NDIS participant with a cognitive disability that impacts on their decision making
  • Is socially isolated, having few or no informal supports
  • Is open to developing a relationship with a volunteer and receiving support with decision making
  • Is not experiencing crisis or conflict
  • Is not posing serious risks to themselves or others

Commitment required:

  • We are asking participants to meet with their volunteer for approximately two hours fortnightly
  • The project is expected to operate until end June 2018

Further information:

Download Brochure here

For more information please contact Annette on 0447 477 088 or email