VALID is a community organisation that relies on a strong and vibrant workforce of both paid and unpaid workers.  Unpaid work at VALID falls into several categories. 

These include:

  • Voluntary work
  • Unpaid work placement
  • Citizen engagement

Volunteer Policy

VALID is committed to supporting all volunteers that are part of its activities.  This includes supporting the volunteers who are part of events throughout the year.  

Purpose of this Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that volunteers working at VALID have work that is safe, significant, fulfilling, and appreciated 
All volunteers shall be treated with respect and with gratitude for their contribution. 
Volunteers will be engaged at the discretion of the management of VALID. 
Volunteers will carry out duties assigned by the management of VALID 
All volunteers will be as far as possible protected from harm, and shall be relieved of liability for acts performed in the discharge of their volunteer functions. 

VALID'S Responsibilities To Volunteers

As stated above VALID is responsible to ensure volunteers:

  • are treated with respect and dignity
  • have a safe working environment
  • understand their role, rights and responsibilities
  • have appropriate support to carry out their task

Volunteers Role 

Some individuals 'volunteer' as part of Committees and this role is outlined in other policies (ie. Committee Governance and the Events Policy).   
All volunteers have the role of:

  • supporting VALID staff with activities or events as chosen by the volunteer or as allocated by their Coordinator 
  • treating all others with respect and dignity as per the VALID Code of Conduct
  • reporting any problems (something broken) or incidents (someone is hurt)

The volunteer role DOES NOT include:

  • providing personal care eg. toilet support to delegates
  • providing first aid if you are not trained to do this 

Volunteer Orientation & Training

VALID expects volunteers to attend orientation sessions around the event and/or program they are volunteering in. 
Sometimes orientation can be provided where needed on an individual basis.
Orientation provided includes at a minimum the following:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • what their role doesn't include eg. personal care
  • where things are at the office or venue 
  • support available for volunteers
  • who to talk to about concerns or problems
  • acceptable behavior ie. Code of Conduct

General Training

General training might include:
To Stand Beside training course that outlines the value base and process for providing individual advocacy in a way that empowers the individual to develop the skills to represent themselves
Understanding and promoting Self-Advocacy skills 

​Volunteers are needed to support the Peer Action Groups and the Choice Mentor Program.

What is a Peer Action Group?   VALID's Peer Action Groups will be made up of between 5-12 people who will meet regularly to get up-to-date information about the roll out of the NDIS and how this will affect participants in this disability funding support scheme and to  share information and ideas with other people on how to make good use of this funding.

The Choice Mentor Program is an innovative program supporting people with cognitive impairments to make decisions about important aspects of their lives. The Choice Mentor program was created in response to challenges identified by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in its first year of operation. A number of people with cognitive impairments, such as intellectual disability and autism, who joined the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) had difficulty participating in the planning and reviewing of their funded supports. Given the intent of the NDIS is to enable people with disability to participate as fully as possible in the life of the community, and exercise choice and control over their supports, decision making is integral to this aim. For many NDIS participants maintaining control over their lives requires the support of others.

For more information about volunteering contact David Craig on 0455 477 005

Volunteers brochure

Download a copy fo the Volunteer Information Booklet