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Training for Families

In February – March 2021
we have both Day Courses (9.45am to 1pm) and Evening courses
(5.45pm to 9pm) ONLINE via ZOOM
Register by 28th January 2021

VALID actively engages with families to empower them and encourage person-centred approaches. We provide courses and information sessions on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) throughout Victoria.

The VALID Families team

  • supports families to be partners in advocating for the rights and interests of their family member with a disability
  • supports families to be allies in the provision of support to their family member
  • improves families’ understanding of their responsibilities, as well as the rights and the responsibilities of staff and services
  • improves outcomes for all stakeholders
  • provides evidence of compliance with Standards and other quality requirement

Families are often the primary source of information, support, guidance and advocacy for people with a disability. It makes sense to invest in ensuring families are well-informed and well-supported to play that role positively and effectively.

The VALID Families as Planning Partners Training Course

The Families as Planning Partners course empowers families to work with the services and the NDIS to gain a good life for their family member.

Members of the Family Mentor Team (FMT) provide the course from a unique family-member (peer) perspective.

The course explores:

  • The role of families
  • Effectively communicating & negotiating with the ‘system’
  • What is person-centred planning?
  • Understanding the different types of ‘plans’ e.g. PATH
  • Why good plans are vital to good outcomes
  • Families promoting independence & empowerment

The NDIS version Families as Planning Partners is a comprehensive course with the aim of assisting families who wish to:

  1. Get a good start on developing their family member’s person-centred plan
  2. See their family member’s perspective & understand their role in the NDIS process
  3. Develop the basis of broad NDIS goals
  4. Understand the NDIS funding process
  5. Understand the choices and responsibilities involved in managing an NDIS package
  6. How to involve your family member in planning
  7. Developing family members ‘plan’

The course also offers:

  • Peer support
  • Sharing of information
  • Sharing of wisdom
  • Experience, empathy and validation

Download Families Course flyer 

One-off NDIS Information Sessions and Workshops

The Families Team is offering one-off information sessions and workshops to assist family members in understanding and managing their interaction with transition to the NDIS.

The aim of the one-off NDIS sessions is to:

  • support families to empower their family member to have a good life
  • provide user-friendly info on the basics of the NDIS & dispel misconceptions
  • provide accurate information in response to questions
    empower families and others who attend to feel more confident about the transition
  • promote the need for preparation for the transition, including person-centred planning and supporting participants to develop life goals ie. not service goals

Workshops and Information Session topics include:

These workshops are delivered by parents with personal experience of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and are delivered in a user-friendly format.  Workshops can either be two hours or a more in-depth four-hour workshop.  

  1. Understanding your NDIS Plan
  2. Preparing for Review – tips and developing a clear outline of your ideal NDIS plan
  3. Getting the Best out of your NDIS Plan
  4. Planning – developing your Person-Centred Plan
  5. Choosing the right NDIS funds management option(s)
  6. Understanding the NDIS funding – the Price Guide; flexibility; budgeting etc.
  7. How to get your Plan into action i.e. ‘Implementing your Plan’
  8. Learning how to ‘self-manage’ your NDIS package?

Download Family Team Training Workshops flyer

What next?

If you would like to participate in VALID Families Training or have the team conduct the training at your service, or just want more information, contact Christine on 03 9416 4003 or email [email protected].

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