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VALID acknowledges that this is a difficult time for everyone in the community, but that it is especially difficult for people with disability and their families.

We care about how COVID-19 affects the lives of people with disability and we want to make sure that everyone is safe.


Inclusion International President Sue Swenson to present at the Official Opening of Having a Say Conference

Media Release

The Disability Services Commissioner’s report into the deaths of 48 people with a disability receiving services from a registered disability service provider tabled today in State Parliament is an urgent wake-up call. 

VALID members console each other during a difficult conversation about abuse and neglect while meeting with Labor in 2017.

“As a woman with an intellectual disability, I can say that abuse from people who were supposed to be caring for me has had a very bad long-term impact on my life”, says self-advocate Heather Forsyth.

Maria Thomas

A mother is calling on the government to shut down the facility immediately.

Her son was sexually and physically assulted multiple times in a state-funded disability home.

In December 2016, Fairfax Media revealed that Matthew Thomas, an autistic man who doesn't speak, was raped at least once by another resident at the emergency facility Autism Plus. 


"It was supposed to offer hope, but that's just been trashed".

It's not the way you'd expect the head of one of Victoria's peak disability groups to describe Australia's rapidly growing national scheme for people with disabilities.

But Kevin Stone has had a gutful. At every meeting he goes to, the stories are the same.

Exhausted parents tell him about adult children who have lost funding for their day program, transport or cookery classes.

Or inexpert planners who draw up disability plans over the phone, and never meet the person whose life they shape.


VALID shares the outrage of Jake Castledine’s mother, Janice, who has branded her son’s experience with NDIS as: “Outrageous, unfair and short-sighted.”

“I am dedicated to building a proper life for my son,” says Janice. “But now I feel betrayed and utterly let down by the NDIS.”