Individual and Systemic Advocacy

Individual Advocacy

Individual advocacy is one-on-one support provided to a person to prevent or address instances of unfair treatment or abuse. Individual advocacy helps make sure the voice of the person with disability is heard on a particular issue that matters to them. Individual advocacy supports people to express their views and concerns, access information and services, and explore choices and options.

VALID provides individual advocacy for adults (people aged 18 and over) with intellectual disability who are eligible or receive disability support services. Our advocacy support is short term and related to the specific issue that we have been asked to help with.

VALID is funded by the Victorian State Government as the peak state-wide advocacy body.

We also support people when registering complaints with the Disability Services Commissioner or working with the Office of the Public Advocate regarding Administration and Guardianship matters.

Systemic Advocacy (big issues)

Systemic advocacy is focuses on social changes to ensure the collective rights and interests of people with disability are served through legislation, policies and practices.

VALID's systemic advocacy strives to empower people with a disability to:

  • Exercise their human rights and citizenship status within their local communities.
  • Inform and influence the policies and practices of disability service agencies, governments and other authorities.
  • Have control and influence over the decisions and choices which affect their lives.
  • Influence public understanding and attitudes.