Message from our CEO regarding COVID-19


Dear VALID Supporter

VALID acknowledges that this is a difficult time for everyone in the community, but that it is especially difficult for people with disability and their families.

We care about how COVID-19 affects the lives of people with disability and we want to make sure that everyone is safe.

For now, we won’t be meeting people face-to-face because we are aware that some people with disability can be vulnerable to COVID-19. We’re all staying safe and well and we also want to make sure we are doing our best to stop people from getting sick.

Individual Advocacy

VALID will continue to provide individual advocacy, advice and referral to people who contact us. But we will be doing this a bit differently to what we would usually do.

We will be using telephone, email and video conferencing to continue our day-to-day work, and to stay in contact with people who want to talk to us. We have limited capacity to take on new cases at the moment because of the large demand for advocacy, but we will try to do what we can to help people resolve problems.

The VALID office in Richmond is closed and all VALID staff are now working from home but you can still call VALID’s office phone number on 9416 4003. Our Advocacy Intake worker will then contact you.

Groups, Networks and Training Sessions

While our various group meetings and community development projects and events are necessarily on hold, we are currently trialling different communication methods with our Self Advocacy and VALID8 teams to see how we can continue to keep everyone in contact and engaged. Stay tuned!

Systemic Advocacy

With our allies in Inclusion Australia, DANA and AFDO, we are currently working with government and service providers to find ways to make sure that people with disability are protected from COVID-19. If you are currently experiencing a problem you can’t resolve, please contact us. While we may not be able to work with you directly to resolve the problem, where there are common issues we will tell the government and other stake holders what the problems are.

If you have any suggestions of things that could assist people with disability during this time, please feel free contact us with your ideas. We would love to hear from you. If possible, email your ideas to

We know that this time is very distressing for many different reasons, and we hope we can all work together to get through and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Stay safe and well

Kevin Stone

Media Release 30.03.2020



Dear friend of VALID,

We are posting this to keep you up to date with how we are managing our services through the tough times related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Due to current concerns and the impact of the Covid-19 virus, VALID management have decided that all non-essential face to face meetings will be postponed/cancelled until at least the 31th March 2020.

We are taking this measure because of the vulnerability of many of the people we support and our commitment to keeping them and our staff and volunteers safe.

VALID will be speaking directly to key contacts where possible and will continue to update you once we have more information.

We are doing everything possible so we can continue to provide our services for you.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Stay well and be safe!

Kevin Stone, CEO

Media Release 16.03.2020