Inclusive Community Development Network

Provide a forum for practitioners committed to working for the inclusion of people living with an impairment that is:

  • informed by a passion and commitment for effective, sustainable and inclusive community development practice  
  • committed to supporting and engaging the expertise of any person committed to creating a more inclusive society in a spirit of respectful dialogue and tolerance for diversity of views and approaches
  • committed to bringing together...
    • The lived experience of disability;
    • The expertise of community sector workers;
    • The contribution of both the political and administrative arms of government; and
    • Socially responsible business leaders and organisations bring about systemic reforms and change within place-based partnerships that promote effective and sustainable progress around community inclusion and full participation by people with disabilities in all areas of community life;

...that works from a position that practice is not perfect - there is always a variety of approaches that need to be employed and practice can always be improved and developed;

...that links research evidence to practice – with a commitment to emancipatory and  participatory  forms of action research that value the narrative of peoples experience and facilitates collaborative forums for analysis and planning strategic social action

…that involves personal time commitment to participation and contribution - not just your bosses time.

The ICDN meets on a bi-monthly basis. The next ICDN meeting details are below:

To read an article about out last meeting 'How Can We Build Community Capacity for Inclusion and Connection During and Beyond COVID-19?' you can find it here

For more details please contact:

David Craig at or 03 9416 4003  or mobile 0455 477 005 or Paul Dunn at