Disability Royal Commission – VALID says Abuse is Not OK

Everyone has a right to live free from abuse and neglect

Abuse and neglect of people with a disability happens every day. People with a disability have a 50% higher chance of being abused than people without disability. A staggering 90% of women with an intellectual disability have experienced sexual abuse, 68% of these women have been sexually abused before they turn eighteen*.

With the upcoming Royal Commission into the disability sector expected to uncover horrific instances of violence, neglect and abuse against people with disability. VALID has developed information videos to help inform and safeguard people with disability from abuse and neglect. The videos are also aimed at informing the community about the prevalence of the abuse of people with a disability so that they can help prevent the abuse of people in their community in the future.

We as a community need to do something about the abuse of people with a disability.

We need to make it stop.

You can access the Staying Safe videos here:

*Statistics sourced from Inquiry into abuse in disability services Final Report, Parliament of Victoria May 2016

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Media Release

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