Advocacy training

Enhancing the effectiveness of advocacy. VALID offers training in advocacy principles and skills to people who have a role in supporting, assisting or representing people with a disability. Suitable for independent advocates, including people with a disability, family members and concerned citizens and for Disability Support Workers, Staff and Paid Carers.

Aimed at people experienced in advocacy seeking to develop their understanding and their effectiveness, this program uses the To Stand Beside: Advocacy for Inclusion Training Manual as a resource to promote the development of advanced advocacy skills, in a human rights model. VALID provides training to people who support, assist or represent people with intellectual disability, including:

  • People with disability
  • Parents and family members
  • Support workers
  • Instructors and residential staff
  • Advocates
  • Local Area Coordinators
  • Support Coordinators

The workshop provides training in the principles, strategies and methods of To Stand Beside: The VALID Advocacy for Inclusion Training Program with intensive discussion and in-depth examination of issues especially looking at issues of:

• Empowerment
• Conflicts of interest
• Personal and Organisational Integrity
• Individualised Planning
• Self Advocacy skills development

To Stand Beside: Advocacy for Inclusion Program Brochure

Contact Details

If you would like VALID to come and run Advocacy training at your service or want more information about other VALID services contact:

Brenda on 03 9416 4003 or email [email protected]