Self-advocacy networks

Self-advocacy networks

Building the skills of people with disabilites to influence the policies and decisions of service providers and the community.

VALID’s Self Advocacy Program

  • Supports the social empowerment of people with disabilities.
  • Supports Self Advocacy Networks, Committees and Meetings for adults with a disability to maximize their ability to influence the plans and decisions that affect their lives.
  • Supports people who use Victorian Funded Services across all four Metropolitan DHHS divisions.
  • Supports people in both non-government and government services to promote self advocacy and self-determination.

Current Activities

We are currently involved in four major initiatives:

Strengthening Resident Empowerment in Disability Accommodation Services (DAS Houses)

This initiative aims to promote empowerment principles in DAS services. We provide support to:

  • Individual DAS houses to promote empowerment and self-determination, mainly through the establishment of Resident Meetings and assistance with pictorial information and processes:
  • Individual DAS residents to assist their representation on Consultative/Advisory groups
  • Resident Focus Groups in both Northern & Western Divisions
  • SUFY (Speaking Up For Yourself) Groups in the Eastern Division
  • We also support participation in quality assurance processes such as DAS group home audits.

Maintaining & Supporting the VALID Self Advocacy Networks

The VALID Self Advocacy Networks are: WSAN-West. SSAN-South, ESAN-East & NSAN-North.

The monthly network meetings provide a valuable forum for people with a disability to:

  • Speak up about rights
  • Assist members to develop & use their advocacy skills
  • Talk about issues and problems in order to create change
  • Assist members to learn new things and gain information
  • Empower members to speak up about things that are important to them
  • Meet new people & socialise with participants from other services
  • Provide a forum for government or other groups seeking feedback (views, ideas)

The Networks have a focus on inclusion, inviting guest speakers to deliver information that is specific to local communities.

Northern Network Pamphlet Western Network Pamphlet

Eastern Network Pamphlet Southern Network Pamphlet

Strengthening Self-Determination in Community Service Organisations (CSOs)

The VALID Self Advocacy Program supports Day Services and Residential Services with strategies that promote participant/resident involvement in both individual decision-making and organisational decision-making at every level.

NDIS 101 Information Sessions for Participants

Members of the VALID Self Advocacy team are currently offering one-off sessions in plain English format to assist participants in understanding and preparing for the tranistion to NDIS.

Contact Details

If you would like to inquire about the VALID Self Advocacy Program or want more information about other VALID services contact:

Rick on 03 9416 4003 or email [email protected]

Stand Beside

VALID offers training in advocacy principles and skills to people who have a role in supporting, assisting or representing people with a disability. Suitable for independent advocates, including people with a disability, family members and concerned citizens and for Disability Support Workers, Staff and Paid Carers. Contact: Kevin Stone for further information. [email protected]