Registration for the 2020 Having a Say conference is now open.  Daily registration includes morning and afternoon tea, entry to presentations, perfomances and come & try activities.

Registration for the whole conference also includes a ticket to the Dinner Disco at The Pier with stunning views of the bay and city lights. 

You can register for the conference here.


NDIS funding and attending the Conference

It is possible to use NDIS funding to assist you attend the Having a Say Conference, but you need to ask your planner at your Plan Review to put it in a specific way. 

e.g. if you want to use NDIS funds to fund your conference registration fees or to fund your accommodation, then you will need to ask for:

  • funds to build your knowledge and skills in self-advocacy (your rights; peer learning; confidence in speaking up about your life etc.)
  • funds for a skill building ‘camp’ under their funding category ‘Capacity Building: Innovative Social & Community Participation’
  • the funds in this category (previous point) be ‘Plan Managed’ or ‘Self-Managed’ – this is because VALID or a motel are not registered NDIS provider

Apply for NDIS funding to attend Having a Say



If you need  support with your registration fees, then you can apply for sponsorship.

VALID is able to offer limited sponsorship to assist people with the cost of registration thanks to the support of the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria (DHHS)
and the Disability Services Commissioner.  Department of Social Services: National Disability Conference Initiative.

Who can apply for Registration Sponsorship?

  • People with a disability (ie. physical, sensory, intellectual, ABI or multiple disabilities as defined by the Disability Act 2006) aged 16 & over
  • People with disability and their family members

Who will be given Priority for Sponsorship?

  • People who are experiencing financial difficulty
  • People who live in rural or remote area
  • People who are presenting or performing at the conference
  • People who are part of leadership groups, self-advocacy groups and/or VALiD networks

For more information on how we can asist you to attend the conference, please contact Brenda or Christine at the VALID office on 03 9416 4003 or email