Out of date publications

These publications are no longer available as books but are available here for Download

These resources are available to download free of charge however, we would appreciate acknowledgement of VALID when using these materials within your own documents.

Becoming a Self Advocate Becoming a Self Advocate
The Becoming A Self Advocate Training Program is a curriculum resource for staff assisting people with intellectual disability to develop Self Advocacy skills. It is aimed directly at staff working with people with intellectual disability in an Adult Training and Support Service environment.

Although this book is now out of print it is available for download here in adobe pdf format alternatively a photocopy of the book is available from the VALID office.

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The following documents are out of date and are included here for interest only.

Explore the Possibilities Exploring the Possibilities
Post School Options for Young People with a Disability

Available for download here in adobe pdf format alternatively can be obtained from the VALID office.


Becoming a Self Advocate Disability Consumer Standards Handbook
This handbook is out of date and out of print but is still available for download here.

Download Disability Consumer Standards Handbook