VALID Publications 

These resources are available to download free of charge however, we would appreciate acknowledgement of VALID when using these materials within your own documents.

The VALID Pictorial Dictionary
Available to download here or can be ordered on CD from the VALID office.

Create consistency in the use of pictures for KEY items/issues.

This resource will assist people with literacy needs to start to become familiar with the same pictures for the same item or concept. The dictionary is NOT meant to provide pictures for every item, but for KEY items & issues that often come up in planning & meetings.  Note that the pictures used are from public domain and are not for sale.


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The Having a Say Resource Manual:

Is a resource for people with intellectual disability, aimed directly and personally at them, rather than being written for a group setting and aimed at support staff.  The manual :

  • provides practical advice and guidance staff and family members to assist them in 'empowering' people with intellectual disability to become strong self advocates.
  • is easy to access for people with different support needs
  • is easy to photocopy for lots of multiple uses
  • is easy to update with new pages

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Individual Workbook One:
Building Strong Self Advocacy

The Building Strong Self Advocacy Workbook is aimed directly at people with intellectual disability. It is hoped that people with intellectual disability will make their own way through Building Strong Self Advocacy, drawing wherever necessary on support and assistance from staff, family members, friends or fellow self advocates.

The Workbook looks at six important ‘Powers’ that everyone needs to be a strong self advocate. It asks the reader to check whether they have these powers, and encourages them to become ‘strong self advocates’.

Individual Workbook Two:
My Life, My Service

The My Life, My Service Workbook aims to:

  • Support clients of disability services to learn about the Victorian Disability Service Standards
  • Assist staff to do things in a way that the Standards say they should.
  • Provide information for services and staff on whether they are doing a good job, so they can change things to make the service better for clients.
  • Provide information to assist Services complete the client part of the ‘assessment’ for disability services

VALID-8 Your Service:
Audit of Client Empowerment in Disability Services

VALID-8 Your Service aims to give disability service agencies a tool for measuring their performance in relation to client empowerment. It provides indicators of eight important client empowerment measures, as recommended by VALID.

VALID-8 Your Service can be used by services as a guide to the things they should be doing to empower clients to genuinely have a say which is heard.

Services may also choose to engage VALID to give an independent audit of their service using the VALID-8 assessment. Services that are VALID-8ed will be given their own Certificate of Client Empowerment to proudly display.




Empowering people who support, assist or represent people with intellectual disability.


For the past two decades we have focused on getting people with intellectual disability out of congregate facilities and into more individualised, community-based services. But the process of community integration - which is about physically relocating people - is only the beginning.

The real challenge is still ahead of us - that of ensuring community inclusion. For many people with intellectual disability that challenge will only be met with the support of staff, parents and friends who are themselves able to grow from being simply workers, carers and instructors to become Champions, Defenders and Allies.

Are you ready for the challenge? Are you an effective advocate on behalf of people with intellectual disability?

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