Inclusive Community Development Network Meeting

Small Organisations, Big Funding: Challenges and Opportunities.
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Discussion Topic - Small Organisations, Big Funding: Challenges and Opportunities.

Most of us have just finished completing funding submissions for NDIS Information Linkages and Capacity Building Grants.  This Inclusive Community Development Network meeting is a chance to come together to have a debrief about the experience.  One of the issues that we think is worth some discussion is the challenges of small services acquiring big funding. 

  • What might it mean for small services who receive much larger amounts of money than they have ever had access to before? 
  • What are some of the potential challenges?  The Opportunities?
  • How as a sector might we partner and support one another to get the most from the ILC opportunity?

Planning for 2020

The other thing we will focus on is some planning for the Inclusive Community Development Network meetings for next year. We are preparing a schedule of 2020 meetings with ideas for topics and speakers which we will send you prior to the meeting.  It would be great if you can have a look at it and we can then make some decisions about the 2020 program of events.

And of course there will be an opportunity for information sharing.

130 Cremorne Street
Richmond VIC 3121

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Tue 10 Dec 2019