Having a Say

Conference Information
8 February 2017 to 10 February 2017


Having a Say
Conference 2017
8th, 9th & 10th February

Lead YOUR LifeHow do you feel?
What do you think?
What do you want?

The time has come for you to:  Lead Your Life!

The 2017 Having a Say Conference will be all about the Six Powers of Strong Self Advocacy.

Self Expression - being able to express your feelings and assert your opinions
Self Determination - to make decisions for yourself and make plans about your own life
Self Confidence - to take responsibility for asserting your rights and the rights of others
Self Reliance - to do things for yourself whenever you can
Self Development - to have goals and dreams and to be able to achieve them
Self Esteem - to feel good about yourself and believe you can make a difference

When your power batteries are fully charged you have the power to direct your future, take charge of your plans and lead your life.

About the Having a Say conference

The Having a Say conference is the largest conference for people with disabilities within Australia where people can find their voice, to speak up, to be heard and to be respected. This is the conference where people listen to each other, not just to the speakers on stage. This is the conference where people respect each other’s views and opinions, and celebrate their common cause.

People enjoy coming to the conference for a range of reasons. Some are keen advocates for people with disability and want to debate about issues, others find the whole environment empowering and some just want to have fun!  Many people come to the conference to have a say, such as open microphone to present or perform. We often get comments on the Evaluation Forms saying things like “It was great I felt important because everyone listened to what I said”.

There is always be a need for people to get together to share experiences and to celebrate achievements and from the inaugural Having a Say Conference, held in Maryborough in 2000, where were almost 190 people attended the enthusiasm generated each year has inspired the conference to grow so that now over 1,000 participants from across Australia, and often from the international community, attending the conference each year.

The conference gets fantastic support  from local disability services, the Local Organising Committee, City of Geelong, Tourism Greater Geelong & Bellarine and local Geelong businesses.

You can download the Having a Say program here.


Aim of the Conference

To empower people with a disability with the opportunity to ‘have a say’ about issues that affect their lives and to celebrate ability and achievement.

Inspire Awards
8 February 2017 to 10 February 2017